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We integrate many traditional Japanese therapies at the same time but do not charge per individual therapy. We integrate these therapies for patient recovery, prevention of injury and illness and to promote health.  

We believe that our integrated treatments are of the highest level and work very hard to provide an effective and truly holistic approach to treatment. Our therapies for diagnosis and treatment include:

Japanese 'Sekkotsu' (similar to western Osteopathy/Chiropractic) - Joint and spine mobilisation and adjustment techniques using a more ‘gentle’ approach than 'western' practices and is used with acupressure and Osteomyology.

Japanese 'Anma' Massage - Soft tissue balancing; Ligament balancing and Lymphatic drainage methods.

Acupuncture - We integrate traditional Japanese Acupuncture with Tang and Tungs Acupuncture, which means we use less needles for a greater effect that can often be felt immediately. 

Moxibustion and/or Cupping - Heat from moxibustion improves the flow of blood and Ki/Chi to invigorate the body and stimulate lymphatic drainage and the body’s homeostasis which improves recovery. 

Infra Red, Chi Heat Lamp and Ultrasound - These all provide a way of treating deep tissue and organ imbalances to improve recovery by improving circulation of blood, Ki/Chi and lymph. Infra red is also commonly used in modern day Physiotherapy and Osteopathy/Chiropractic because of its high level results in treating the deep tissues of the body.

Nutrition, Integrated Herbal Medicine and Supertonic Herbs - Nutritional advice, specific dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments and the use of herbs and tonics for prevention and recovery. 

Visceral Massage and Visceral Stimulation - Integrating soft tissue techniques with nutritional advice to improve organ functions.


Cranial Sacral Visceral Fascia Release - Used to balance the internal system of the body to restore homeostasis, improve recovery and harmonise both the nervous system and meridian systems.

Emotional Release and Swish pattern techniques - This is the integration of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) with reflex points and the swish pattern release to 'change' behaviour patterns and responses.

Muscle functioning and Applied Kinesiology - Function and postural ‘testing’ of muscle reactions and functions to elicit imbalances and to restore the functions of our mind, body and spirit.

Remedial Exercise and Lifestyle Change - Firstly we achieve “Balance” before recommending remedial exercises for you. The exercises that we recommend have been tried and tested for thousands of years! Our Lifestyle recommendations are individualised to the individual person. 

Micro Cosmic, Auricular Reflexology and ECIWO Therapy - Using acupressure and/or acupuncture on the ears, hands or feet to stimulate the repair and function of the mind and body. Very useful in weight loss and for the elderly who have degenerative diseases. 

Magnetic Therapy - Magnets are applied to specific points on the body; to decrease pain, improve the flow of blood and to balance the meridians of the body. Very useful in the treatment of both the young and elderly and for people who are worried or apprehensive towards acupuncture.

Breathing Therapy, “Koku-Ho” and Chi Gong - The breath of life! The way we breathe affects our health. 

We utilise breathing techniques and specific Ki/Chi gathering exercises to improve recovery and for prevention.

Japanese “Hichi Buku Goshinjutsu Amatsu Ryoho” - This is a Japanese system of natural/naturopathic medicine dating back thousands of years, that includes; physical medicine, nutritional medicine, emotional medicine, environmental medicine, energy medicine. The first level of “Amatsu Ryoho” is often termed “Amatsu Therapy” a basic balancing approach to health and mobility. Higher levels of Amatsu Ryoho includes many “Therapies” and the preventative, remedial, skill developments as seen in martial arts masters!

Allergy Relief Techniques - We integrate the BioSet Allergy Relief methods alongside Japanese Acupressure/Acupuncture, Nutritional Medicine and Reciprocal Reflex Re-patterning to 'change' our responses to foods and environmental factors.

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